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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Roof-A-Cide Demo Days - March 2014

Most agree that demand should increase in 2014 - and so will the Competition. So how are you going to capitalize on the demand and differentiate Your Company so you don't have to compete mainly on Price?

If you're looking for diversified growth and better profit margins, learn how we can help you strengthen and grow the Foundation of Your Business.

We'll once again be offering several Demo Days in March for Roofing, Painting, and Property Maintenance companies that are interested in offering Roof-A-Cide® along with a well-rounded Maintenance Program can help them with the following:

More and more, cost-conscious and quality-minded HOA, Condo Associations and Property Managers are realizing the benefits of a program that saves wear & tear on their roofs and landscaping and saves them money at the same time. This is an already established market which represents excellent opportunities for Professional Roofing and Property Maintenance companies - especially in areas like Jacksonville, Naples, Orlando, and Tampa.

If you have been looking for ways to increase and/or diversify your revenues, you should be looking at Roof-A-Cide as a natural addition to your Roofing, Painting, or Home Maintenance Services.

Give your Customers what they're looking for - Better Customer Service & Value. We can show you how to do it profitably.

For more information, your Free Maintenance Program Analysis, and to reserve a spot at the next Demo, email us or Call 800-806-6727 ext 8.

Additional Information:


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