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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Customer Service, Customers For Life, & Profitability

If you watched the Chris Zazo presentation on "Customers for Life" at the Roofing Contractor 2013 Best Of Success Conference, then you should know the importance of Understanding Your Customers' Needs, Giving Them What They Need, and How Profitable This Can Be for Your Business

Whether your company specializes in Roofing, Painting, Property Maintenance, or Property Management, a Loyal Customer Base is critical to your long-term success. We can Help. By implementing a well-rounded Maintenance Program that includes Roof-A-Cide®, you can help your Customers maximize the useful life of one of the most expensive replacement items they have with respect to their properties.

Obviously, this should be important to Your Customers. And as long as it's cost-effective, it should be an easy decision for them to make.

But for Your Company, a Maintenance Program has many benefits beyond providing Better Customer Service. If structured and implemented properly, it cultivates the following, ALL of which enhance Your Company's Stability & Profitability:

  • Increased Customer Contact & Communication
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Increased Customer Referrals
  • Increased Lifetime Customer Value
  • Expanding Your Customer Base
  • Residual / Recurring, High-Margin Income
  • Increased Revenues During Non-Peak Months
  • Better Revenue Planning
  • Keeps Valuable Staff Members Fully Employed in the "Off Season"
  • Sets Your Company Apart From Your Competition

Customer Service, Loyalty, & Retention are Important to Your Business, We Can Help You Maximize These.

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"The Treatment is the Cure!"

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