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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Top Five Questions from the 2014 FRSA Expo

Roof-A-Cide was pleased to participate in our 10th year at the Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Expo. The FRSA put on a very nice event and have once again demonstrated why they are an invaluable resource for Florida Roofing Contractors. It was our busiest year yet and we’d like to thank the Roofing Pros & Industry Vendors that came by our booth on Friday & Saturday to learn more about what we’re doing to Revolutionize the way Roof Cleaning & Maintenance is done and why Roof-A-Cide is the name that Contractors and Communities can Trust and Rely on.

From Roofing Contractors to Roofing Manufacturers, we’re working with some of the industry’s best to elevate the level of service and commitment to quality that customers should expect when it comes to the roofs that protect their homes and businesses. 

Manufacturers are producing better roofing materials every year that are designed to be more durable and last longer - but they only work well if they’re installed by qualified Contractors with the knowledge and attention to detail needed to install them correctly. And they won’t last anywhere near as long as they’re designed to unless they’re properly maintained.  The Contractors we work with understand this and that’s why they use Roof-A-Cide and regularly scheduled Roof Maintenance to maximize the performance, value, and life expectancy of the roof.

So we had a lot of good questions and here are the Top Five:
  1. Does Roof-A-Cide Immediately Clean the Roof like Chlorine Bleach 
    Roof-A-Cide is an EPA Approved algaecide that works best as a PREVENTATIVE. While it will clean a roof over time, we recommend it be applied to a clean roof. If the roof needs to be cleaned first, we have a number of ways to get this done including our Roof Restore™.
  2. Is it Expensive for the Customer? 
    Contractors determine their own pricing, but the Roof-A-Cide application generally doesn't cost a customer any more than traditional Roof Cleaning – but it last much longer.
  3. What Equipment Do We Need? 
    Any professional spraying system will work, but we have created a spec for what we recommend as the most efficient and durable setups. You can see them on the Equipment page of our website.
  4. Do You Offer Training and Support? 
    Quality Control is critical to what we do because we guarantee every roof that’s treated with Roof-A-Cide. So every Company that works with us is fully trained on how to use the equipment and our products. In addition, we offer a full range of sales & marketing support to help them identify target markets and explain what we do and how it benefits the Customer.
  5. Do You Offer Protected Territories? 
    Roof-A-Cide products are not available to the general public or Independent Contractors. They are only available through our network of Authorized Applicators and each one has a primary area that they focus on. These areas are not Exclusive but they are Protected in that we limit the number of Applicators that we establish in any given area depending on the number of homes in that area.

If you're considering offering Roof Cleaning & Stain Prevention as part of an overall Maintenance Program, take advantage of these free resources that will help you evaluate the potential for your business:
  1. Creating a Well-Rounded Maintenance Program - an explanation of the options and benefits of different aspects of a Maintenance Program.
  2. Maintenance Program Analysis - Once you've crafted an outline of your program, this tool will help you gauge your Customers' perception & Price Points.
  3. 5-Year Cash Flow Projection - Using the info from the Maintenance Program Analysis, this spreadsheet will help you easily quantify the expected results at various levels of activity.
To receive all three of these valuable tools, just follow this link, fill out some basic info and we'll email it to you.

For additional information on what we do, how we do it, and how it can benefit your company, please feel free to visit our website, blogs, & follow us on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or YouTube. We also hold regularly scheduled Demo Days and invite you to come see everything in action. And if you have specific questions or would like to discuss this opportunity, please feel free to email us at or call 800-806-6727 ext 8.

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