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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are You Looking for a Job? A Lot of Contractors Are

Most people I know that run a successful business know that acquiring New Customers can usually be expensive and time-consuming. So it’s surprising to me when I talk to Contractors that ignore these customers once they have made the initial sale.

Here’s an example:
After Hurricane Wilma, I had to have my roof replaced. I asked some of my neighbors for recommendations, but none of them knew the name of the company that put the roof on their houses.

So I did some basic research and found three companies that had big Yellow Page ads, had been in business for a while, and had decent reputations (no lawsuits, “F” ratings with the BBB, or bad coverage in the press). I checked their licenses & insurance and went with the one that I thought offered the best deal. Since each one was offering basically the same materials and the same warranty – the best deal really boiled down to just price and scheduling.

Aside from the time my roof started leaking two months after installation or when the owner of the company was running for local election, I've never heard from them again.
  • They've never called back to thank me for being a customer
  • They've never asked for a referral or offered any incentive to give one – even though referrals from existing customers are some of the easiest to sell to and least expensive New Customers a Contractor can get
  • They've never made any effort to remind me of who they are. So if I was like my neighbors, I would remember the name of the their company ONLY if I had problems with their work
  • They might have other, related products or services that I could really use – but they've never made an effort to let me know about any
  • I don’t even know if they’re still in business. I hope they are, but I haven’t seen one of their trucks in a while
In essence, they weren't really looking for a Customer;
they were just looking for a Job.

If you’re in the Contracting Business, then you SHOULD know that New Customers are usually harder, more time-consuming, and more expensive sales than your Existing Customers. 

If you don’t understand this and you’re not actively involved with your existing customers, then you’re throwing away a great source of potential revenue and you're probably not creating a company that is built to last or has much residual value beyond your equipment and the effectiveness of your current advertising push. 

But don't feel too bad - you're not alone.

Here are some links that go a little deeper into the subject:

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