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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It was tough just to get the Customers you have – Now you’re going to let your competitors take them?

You put a good roof on the property. Quality materials, quality workmanship, watertight, and it looks great. But everyone knows it won’t stay that way… So what happens next?

The roof is eventually going to need maintenance – whether it’s cleaning, clearing debris out of the valleys and gutters, or just simple periodic inspections to make sure their warranties are still valid. But since you don’t offer a maintenance program, your customers have to look somewhere else. And they spend their money somewhere else.

Luckily for the Homeowner or Property Manager, more and more companies are offering steep-slope maintenance programs that include inspections, minor preventative maintenance, cleaning, and roof stain prevention.  This is Good News for Customers since they’ll be able to protect their investment and ensure that the roofs look good and last as long as possible. This is Bad News for You because once you've lost your customers to a company that offers these services at a reasonable price, you've probably lost them forever.

Every roof needs periodic maintenance and the vast majority of residential roofs in Florida are cleaned on a regular basis. They really should be inspected on a regular basis as well. Unfortunately, inspections are neglected and most of the cleaning has usually been done by contractors that are not licensed, insured, or qualified to do the work properly – but this is changing.

Homeowners and Property Managers are tired of having their roofs damaged
by pressure cleaning and high-strength chlorine bleach - so they're looking for a better alternative. And professional Roofing, Painting, and Property Maintenance companies are realizing that they should be offering a roof maintenance program to bring in additional revenue but, more importantly, they need to do it in order to remain competitive and keep their customers.

If you're involved in Roofing, Painting, or Property Maintenance and your competitor offers a roof maintenance program but you don't - your competitor wins.

And since Roof-A-Cide® helps companies design cost-effective roof maintenance programs that eliminate most of the labor associated with keeping the roof clean - if your competitor offers a roof maintenance program with Roof-A-Cide® but you don't - your competitor wins again.

Roof-A-Cide: Safe, Cost-effective, Proven, and Guaranteed



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