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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Case Study - Keeping Roofs Clean Made Easier, Safer, and More Efficient

Whispering Sound HOA, Palm City, Fl

This 230-home Palm City, Fl community, first treated in early 2006, still looks like new in May of 2013 – and will continue to look like new with a light Roof-A-Cide Treatment every few years.

As with all properties using Roof-A-Cide, Residents of this community do not have to worry about the broken tiles, roof damage, or landscaping damage associated with cleaning roofs with bleach, chlorine-based solutions, or pressure cleaning.

Unlike Traditional cleaning methods, the Roof-A-Cide process is environmentally safe, efficient, effective and GUARANTEED. Our process has been evaluated and approved by all of the major roof materials manufacturers. 

And each time these roofs are treated, crews complete this 230 home community in less than five working days - minimizing any inconvenience for the Residents and helping to keep this community looking its best.

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